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Take a bite out of your hay costs with Haylo Haynets and treat yourself to an easier method of feeding your horse(s). 

These nets:

  • Easily fit over round bales with minimal effort
  • 1-7/8” mesh
  • No worrying about your net freezing to the ground
  • Greatly reduce the amount of waste 
  • Haynets made on the square stay open and consistent for the horse to forage thru
  • Please use caution when there are horned animals, animals with ear tags, or horses with shoes, blankets, buckles or halters.  The Haylo net may be used with shod horses, but must be in conjunction with a round bale feeder.  When using a hanging net, ensure it's high enough that a horse cannot paw at it.

Heavy Duty net available for custom order

Can customize sizes based on your needs

5x6 ASSEMBLY LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0nzYXd-59c&t=27s

5x5 ASSEMBLY LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm9Yyy7E73I

NOTE: COST TO SHIP IS $50 FLAT RATE PER NET (VIA UPS)!  Shipping only calculates for one net per order so additional orders will have to be made if purchasing multiple (bulk orders please reach out)!  The box is just under the oversized limits and shipping rates usually calculate much higher, we're doing our best to get them in your hands!

Please allow an additional 2-3 days to ship round bale nets.  

Meet up and deliveries may be an option vs. shipping.

Distributors with round bale nets in: Northfield, MN & Sheldon, ND.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
So far so good

Got ours not too long ago, so can’t go too in depth with a review, but she hasn’t destroyed it yet so that’s a huge plus. Assembly wasn’t as easy as they make it look but once it was figured out, we just slipped it on the bale and it was fine! I’m excited to see how it fares and how much money I save !

Summer Schepper
Round Bale Net

Super easy to put together! Amazing quality! Can’t say enough good things about this!

Love it.

Easy to use and works great!

Kiley Murschel
You Need This!!

When someone says this is a NEED, listen! HayloHaynets are so easy to use! I’m 5’4 and can put a round bale out and this hay net out in under 10 minutes! An awesome product! I love my HaloHaynet!

A must have for all horse owners!

I can testify for this net. We have 28 round bale nets and easily 40 of their trailer/stall nets and have been using them since the beginning (9+ years). You won't find another net that holds up and is easy like this one.