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Limited Availability - small quantities updated when available; usually an expo event exclusive!

NOTE: All Limited Edition nets are made using the standard 1-3/4" net.  Custom orders on 1-1/4" (slow feed) may be an option.

Take a bite out of your hay costs with Haylo Haynets.  An easy way to net your hay!

These nets:

  • Easily fit up to three+ flakes of hay 
  • Greatly reduce the amount of waste 
  • Haynets cut on the square stay open and consistent for the horse to forage thru


Not sure where to start??
1-3/4" net - most popular
1-1/4" net - slow feed, easy keepers, ponies
1" net - extreme slow feed


  • Please use caution when there are horned animals, animals with ear tags, or horses with shoes, blankets, buckles or halters.  When using a hanging net, ensure it's high enough that a horse cannot paw at it.

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Customer Reviews

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Great hay nets. I love how easy they are to fill.