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Take a bite out of your hay costs with Haylo Haynets and treat yourself to an easier method of feeding your horse(s). 

These nets:

  • Easily fit up to three flakes of hay 
  • Greatly reduce the amount of waste 
  • Haynets made on the square stay open and consistent for the horse to forage thru

 Not sure where to start??

1-3/4" net - most popular
1-1/4" net - slow feed, easy keepers, ponies
1" net - extreme slow feed


  • Please use caution when there are horned animals, animals with ear tags, or horses with shoes, blankets, buckles or halters.  When using a hanging net, ensure it's high enough that a horse cannot paw at it.

Customer Reviews

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Worth the price. Best hay bag I’ve ever purchased m

Best hay net I’ve ever purchased. We use this for both our ponies who are different sizes. Works great for both of them with almost no wasted hay. Plus, it is so easy to fill, carry, and hang. Really high quality materials too. We use both indoors and outdoors in their run in.


Love it, makes loading a hay bag so much easier than any other bag I have.

Great net

This is a very durable net great for trail riding and overnight camping

Couldn't Wait, Bought Another

I bought my first Haylo regular 1 3/4" haybag back in January, said I'd update in 6 months....well, I couldn't wait and I bought another in the 1 1/4" size. The first one is still going strong and I'm sure the newer one will hold up as well. In fact, I showed the bags to my friend who runs Fancy Feathers Therapy Horses and she wants to purchase some Haylo haynets for her mini's. I also like the fact the Haylo Company actually wrote a quick note on the receipt, thanking me for my continued support!

candace porter
I love this Haynet!

The Haylo Haynet is much easier to fill than others out there I have the regular size and it's perfect for trailering. It arrived quickly too, which was appreciated!